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Wide receiver Muse discusses injuries and more

One of the key players in the Arkansas State Red Wolf offense the past couple of years has been Allen Muse.
The junior wide receiver has certainly had his fair share of adversity over the years from being displaced by Hurricane Katrina, to having a major heart surgery, which at one time had people believe he would never play another down of football in his life.
But through all of that, Muse has found a way to overcome. However, he is once again in a similar situation following surgery on March 23rd of this year in Philadelphia, Pa. to fix several issues.
"I had a sports hernia, my two lower abs were injured, and I had a groin injury," said Muse. "I don't even think too many people knew about it. I started hurting in January of 2011, but nothing was done until Coach Gus Malzahn came here."
"Coach Malzahn was wondering why it hadn't been fixed," Muse added. "But I just told him that it wasn't my decision. It was Coach Freeze's decision when he was here. A lot of people don't know this, but I played with these injuries my entire junior season."
Muse said he was glad to get the injuries fixed for multiple reason's.
"I was taking so many pain pills each day that it was ridiculous," said Muse. "Going through that pain has helped me with dealing with the pain of recovery, and I hate that I was taking so many pills, but I just did what I had to do to deal with the pain."
"I'm just ready to get back on the field this fall," Muse added. "I'm ready to get back out there where I can go full speed, make the right cuts, run crisp routes and things like that. I couldn't do that last season, and it affected my play."
Muse said he is thankful for Malzahn's quick action once he found out about the injuries.
"Coach Malzahn jumped right on it," said Muse. "I'm so thankful for that because now I'm not having to deal with that pain anymore, and I can just get ready for my senior season."
He also gave his thoughts on losing Coach Freeze and gaining Coach Malzahn.
"Everyone was mad when Coach Freeze left us," said Muse. "But we picked up what is probably a better coach in Coach Malzahn. I mean, Coach Freeze ran [Malzahn's] plays, but the thing I've noticed is Malzahn runs the plays better. He is like a scientist out there, and he demands perfection."
"Coach Malzahn's offense is faster paced and harder," Muse added. "But that is going to make us better. We though Freeze's offense was fast, but it is nothing compared to Coach Malzahn's. We ran 24 plays in four minutes and 50 seconds in the scrimmage the other day. The plays are getting in faster, they are ran faster, and the pace is just crazy."
In addition to speaking about his injury and thoughts on Coach Malzahn, Muse also spoke about the goals he has set for his senior season.
"I just want to be productive," said Muse. "Coach Malzahn told me up front that I would not practice during the spring so I could take the proper time to heal and he wants me to come back strong. The main this is that I did not play healthy at all last season, and I just want to show the fans and the NFL scouts that I have what it takes to be a big time player."
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