Walker is rehabbing injury; still solid to Arkansas State

Rison, Ark. athlete Marquis Walker committed to the Arkansas State Red Wolves in early September, and was looking to have a great senior season with his teammates.
However, he would suffer a season ending injury which would require surgery.
Walker was first thought to have torn both his ACL and his LCL, but once he went in for surgery, the doctors discovered he had only torn his ACL.

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"That was a blessing," said Walker. "The MRI showed a torn ACL and LCL, but I am a man of God, and I believe in prayer and prayer worked for me. My ACL was torn, but the LCL was only pulled off of the bone a little bit. I give credit to God for that."
Walker also stated that Arkansas State coach David Gunn has told him they will honor his commitment.
"I haven't been able to talk with Coach Freeze, but Coach Gunn said they will still take me," said Walker. "Coach Gunn just told me to listen to my doctors and rehab everything the way they tell me to."
He also stated that he is proud of the season Arkansas State has had so far.
"They are having a really good season, that is for sure," said Walker. "I watched them on ESPN the other night and I thought they were pretty tight. They played really well, and I got excited about knowing that I'll have a chance to play for them next year."
Walker said he is unsure if he will attend any more games this season.
"I want to, but I'm the type of guy who likes to do things on his own," said Walker. "With me being on crutches, it would be hard to get there without any help, but if the coaches ask me to come up I'll probably swallow my pride and make the trip up."
He also stated that while he believes all things happen for a reason, he was upset when his season came to a sudden end.
"I can't lie, I was upset," said Walker. "I shed a few tears when I found out how bad the injury was and that my season was over. With me being a man of faith, I know that when bad things come, good things are right around the corner. The Good Lord may shut one door, but he will always bless you with another one open right around the corner. The door that has opened so far for me is with the FCA program at school. I was voted the president and I've been able to spend more time with that. Ultimately, I believe that Jesus will take care of me if I continue to glorify Him. If I can do that, all things will work out for me in the end."
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