Tom Castilaw is set for a sixth year

One young man that Arkansas State football fans will have their eyes on this year is offensive lineman Tom Castilaw. Castilaw received a sixth year of eligibility from the NCAA following several injuries throughout his career.
Castilaw sat down with to talk about receiving that eligibility, and what it means to him to be playing for another season as a Red Wolf.
"It means a lot for sure," said Castilaw. "After going through all of the surgeries and having the injuries I have had, I didn't think long term. I used to think that this was horrible and it was not fun, but now I wouldn't have it any other way. I'm just blessed to be here for another season on scholarship to play another fall with my team, and to have the chance to make some academic achievements also."
He also spoke about some of the underclassmen on the offensive line he has seen progress over the spring and even in fall camp, a group of positions which will be critical to the Red Wolves success this year.
"I've seen all of them really develop and progress since they came on campus," said Castilaw. "They have all really progressed in their own ways. Delano Moore has really progressed and is showing a lot of maturity. Alex Kautai, Cliff Mitchell, and Zack McKnight have all really come a long ways. We have had several guys really step up and develop over the past year."
One other lineman Castilaw gave high praise to is James Williams, a junior college transfer who played part of his freshman season in the South Eastern Conference before sustaining an injury.
"James is a guy that you can look at and see that he is a big body, I mean, he is a huge guy," said Castilaw. "His physical look it intimidating at times, and his desire to win and get better every day is going to bring a lot to this team. Seeing guys like that give all they have and constantly put out effort is what will really help this team."
He also spoke about some of his goals for his final season as a Red Wolf.
"My personal goal is to give to my team in any way that I can in order to win ball games," said Castilaw. "That is just my biggest goal, I want to win. There are a lot of ways to do that, but personally I believe in work ethic and do everything the right way, and the best way that you can. Ultimately, I just want to glorify God in everything I do to include the way I play football. God is a very important part of my life, and I just aim to please Him."
Castilaw also spoke about what he thinks his team is capable of this year.
"I think that we can go undefeated," said Castilaw. "I will be really surprised if we don't.
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