Thamail Morgan is hoping for offers

One of the top junior college prospects in the class of 2013 will be Arkansas Baptist JUCO linebacker Thamail Morgan.
Morgan's name shot to national prominence during his senior season of high school following a noble act late in a game against a team who had suffered the loss of a player in previous weeks. You can read that story by Clicking Here.
The three-star prospect out of high school (6-0, 215, 4.5 linebacker) is in his final year of junior college, and is hoping to get his name out again.
"I'm just wanting people to know that I'm about to come out of junior college," said Morgan. "My grades are good and I'm on track to graduate in December. Ever since I got here, I've been focused on going division one."
"I really hope to stay in the state of Arkansas," Morgan added. "I don't want to get too far away from my friends and family, and there are several division one schools in the state that I am interested in."
"If Arkansas or Arkansas State offered me today, I'd take either one on the spot." said Morgan. "The only division two school I'd consider is Ouachita Baptist because they gave me an opportunity out of high school."
He also spoke about other reasons he would like to stay inside of the state of Arkansas.
"When I went through everything, the people of Arkansas supported me," said Morgan. "I just want to make a splash in state, and I know that both of the major division one schools in Arkansas will be able to use some defensive help."
"It has always been my dream to play for one of those two schools," Morgan added. "So I am just being patient. If junior college teaches you anything, it is to be patient and to learn how to deal with and overcome adversity."
Morgan also said he is taking a proactive approach towards his recruiting.
"I've got some friends and family from Newport who are helping me. They still support me, and I appreciate that." said Morgan. "I'm going to really get busy calling coaches. I know I will call Arkansas, Arkansas State, and Central Arkansas as much as possible."
"If I can get one of those schools to give me a chance," Morgan said. "I will make sure that it is worth their time once I get on the field."
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