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State police release statement on Dyer situation

It seems to have hit the fan.
News came out this morning in the Jonesboro Sun that Michael Dyer was pulled over in White County back in March by State Trooper Royce Denney, and was allegedly caught with marijuana and a gun.
According to the Jonesboro Sun, who obtained a copy of the dash cam video of the stop, Trooper Denney tells Dyer "You've got a career ahead of you, but you're being a total dumb ass right now."
Dyer was not arrested in the incident, but was cited for speeding. There also were no charges filed from the stop.
RedWolfReport.com contacted Arkansas State Police spokesman Bill Sadler early Monday morning, and was informed that a statement would be released.
That release is below:
Colonel JR Howard, Director of the Arkansas State Police, has received a final report from the department's Office of Professional Standards and the Command Staff Review Board relative to an internal investigation of a March 10th 2012 traffic stop by State Trooper Royce Denney.
The traffic stop involved two vehicles, one operated by Michael Dyer and the other by Ronnie Wright.
Both drivers were cited by Trooper Denney for speeding 96 miles per hour in a 70 mile per hour zone. The tickets are on file at White County District Court.
A copy of the traffic stop video recording captured by Trooper Denney's patrol car camera has been released under the provisions of the Arkansas Freedom of Information Act.
Presently there is a personnel matter associated with the investigation of Trooper Denney pending before Colonel Howard and at this time the department is prohibited from acknowledging any further information about the internal investigation.
Update: 11:45 a.m. July 30, 2012: The Arkansas Times has released more quotes from both Trooper Denney and Michael Dyer which were recorded during the traffic stop.
"Carrying a pistol around? Uncool ... You've got a career ahead of you but you're being a total dumbass right now," said Trooper Denney.
According to the Arkansas Times, Denney informed Dyer that he could report the incident to Coach Gus Malzahn. Instead he added: "What's the best way to make you think? You're a grown man and I'm not trying to treat you like a kid." The report also states that Denney informed Dyer that he didn't want to inform Malzahn "because of the NCAA crap."
The Arkansas Times also reports that Dyer responded to Trooper Denney by saying: "I'm done with this. This is my second chance over here."
Dyer also reportedly asked Trooper Denney to confiscate the gun before the dash camera in Denney's patrol car was turned off.
Update 1:00 July 30, 2012:
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