In-state coaches weigh in on Malzahns recruiting plan

Word about Arkansas State head coach Gus Malzahn's plan to send coaches to all 215 football-playing schools in the state by Friday took the Natural state by storm this morning.
Talk is abuzz about Malzahn's plan, and a couple of Arkansas high school football coaches have already given their thoughts.
"I think it is pretty cool that Arkansas State has placed a priority on in-state recruiting," said Jonesboro head coach Randy Coleman. "It is just cool that they have targeted all of the high schools in Arkansas."
"I have to commend Coach Malzahn," Coleman added. "It is easy for a coach or any public figure to get behind a microphone and make a profound statement, but for him to back up what he said he was going to do just shows what kind of man he is."
Coleman is speaking of the comments Malzahn made regarding in-state recruiting the day he was announced to the public and the media as head football coach of the Red Wolves.
Searcy head coach Tim Harper was also impressed with Malzahn's plan.
"I have coached everywhere from Class 2A to Class 6A here in Arkansas," said Harper. "One thing I know for sure is that there are diamonds in the rough, and by doing this, they will find some."
"You can't tell me that the year Byron Jones and Alan Turner came out of 2A Junction City, that there wasn't other players there," Harper added. "That team was good, really good. Same thing with Strong last year. Everyone was talking about Kenneth Dixon, but there were other players on that team too."
Harper also stated that he is excited to see a college coach put so much emphasis on in-state recruiting.
"It is really exciting to see this," said Harper. "It is good to know that there is a college coach who cares enough to put out the resources to look at every school in the state." will have daily updates from high school coaches and athletes as the week progresses. You can take advantage of a 30-day FREE trial by using the promo code 'wolves30'.
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