Derek Lawson is ready for the 2011 season

Arkansas State running backs coach David Gunn once described running back Derek Lawson as Mr. Steady.
Gunn stated that Lawson "is one of those guys who just shows up for work every day, he knows what to do, and he is going to execute every play and every assignment flawlessly."
Because of that, Lawson has had a good career thus-far at Arkansas State. He sat down with RedWolfReport.com to discuss how he feels about his upcoming season, and how head coach Hugh Freeze is changing the mentality of the team.

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"Things have been great so far," said Lawson. "Everyone is working hard and picking up on their plays and learning what they are supposed to do. The new guys are working hard, and the team is really coming together."
While the Red Wolves 2011 schedule is filled with quality games, Lawson said there is one game in particular that he is looking forward to.
"I know a couple of guy from Central Arkansas," said Lawson. "I look forward to playing them. I went to high school with a guy who plays for them, so I'm looking forward to that game. I think it will be a lot of fun."
He also spoke about the caliber of team UCA is, and what kind of game he thinks fans can expect.
"I think the game is going to be huge," said Lawson. "I mean, we haven't played an in-state team in a long time. I think it is going to be fun, the atmosphere is going to be exciting, and there are going to be a lot of people. It is just going to be a good time."
Lawson also spoke about some of his goals for the upcoming season.
"I want to be the leading rusher," said Lawson. "Most of all it would be to win a conference championship. That is the biggest goal I have."
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