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RedWolfReport.com launched on the Rivals.com network in August 2011..

If you enjoy great Arkansas State Red Wolves inside information, photos, videos, recruiting information, and message board conversations, then you'll want to be a part of this website.

Publisher Luke Matheson has been involved with Rivals.com since late 2007. He has been working on forming relationships with coaches, athletes, parents, and administrators since that time.

Also since the time that Luke has formed partnerships with RedWolfRollCall.com, Drive Time Sports, THV11 and more.

Luke has also had work featured on the front page of Yahoo.com, in the PBS Frontline documentary 'Football High', and in countless magazine articles and online blogs.

RedWolfReport.com provides both free and premium content to our users. People wishing to view premium content and features can do so by going to this link, or by calling 1-866-2-RIVALS.

Please do not send e-mail if you have a sports related question or comment. Instead please use the RedWolfReport.com Message Boards.

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Luke Matheson-Publisher of RedWolfReport.com

You won't find publishers as dedicated to their community, sports, and athletes as Luke Matheson . Luke handles the day-to-day operations on RedWolfReport.com in addition to assisting athletes at football camps, speaking at recruiting clinics, and helping Rivals.com identify and evaluate talent. Luke is a graduate of Pine Bluff High School and served eight years in the United States Army. Upon being discharged honorably from the US Army in 2006, he worked for Rivals.com since late 2007.

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Jay Bir-Staff Writer/Podcast Analyst for RedWolfReport.com

Jay Bir has contributed to RedWolfReport.com since the beginning. He is a graduate of Sylan Hill high school and an Arkansas State alum. He also works in the sports department for KARK 4 and Fox 16 in Little Rock where you will find him giving on air analysis of local sports, big games, and more.

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