Frampton is ready for 2011 season

One of the most exciting players on the Arkansas State Red Wolves roster is wide receiver Dwayne Frampton.
Frampton had a tremendous season in 2010, bringing down 69 receptions for six touchdowns and 738 yards. He also set a school record with 12 receptions in a single game against Indiana. He will go into the 2011 season needing just 15 receptions and two touchdowns to work his way into the Top 10 receivers of all time at Arkansas State.
He recently sat down with to talk about several things to do with issues on and off of the field.
"Glory be to God first off for giving me the opportunity to play football at Arkansas State," said Frampton. "I just have to work hard and continue to get better every day. I can't be content with where I am at right now. There is not just one touchdown or two touchdowns, my mind has to be above and beyond that. "
Frampton also spoke of his two biggest goals of his senior season.
"I can't lie, I would love nothing more than to get drafted," said Frampton. "But first, I have got to help my team get to a bowl game and win it."
If Frampton proved one thing during his first season as a Red Wolf, it is that he is not afraid of bigger schools, and he can and will make plays against them. He gave his thoughts on this as well.
"There is no fear in this heart what-so-ever," said Frampton. "I am very religious, and prayer is big in my life. That keeps fear out of my heart. At the end of the day, no matter how big or how small a team is that we play, any team can be beaten on any given day."
I look back to before I made it to the Division One level, and I remember Appalachian State and Michigan," said Frampton. "Appalachian State went in and had their mind and goal set on who was supposed to win that game, and they came out on top. We play Virginia Tech this year. James Madison took care of them last year, so it could happen. You just have to go in there with the mentality that you can beat anyone on any given day."
Speaking of mentality, Frampton also spoke about how the mentality of the team has changed so far under new head coach Hugh Freeze.
"The biggest thing Coach Freeze has taught us is to win the day," said Frampton. "That is his main thing so far. Just win the day in everything you do, and be accountable for your mistakes and actions, and to keep God first. That is the main reason I love him. Without God you have nothing. Just win the day, be better than you were yesterday, and give your best every day."
For Red Wolf fans that follow the team closely, you have probably noticed by now that Frampton is very proud of his religious beliefs, and is not afraid to talk about and share them. He also spoke about what he believes, and how he feels it helps him every day.
"Man, truthfully I would either be in a coffin or a jail cell if it wasn't for my religion," said Frampton. "It has blessed me and got me to where I am. It has helped me to break and set records on the football field, and I feel like I've only touched the surface of what I will be able to do. My religion has really brought out another side and another person in me."
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