Aplin ready to take on FAU

Red Wolf junior quarterback Ryan Aplin has really stepped up his play this season, helping to lead his team to the top of the Sun Belt Conference rankings.
Aplin sat down with to give his thoughts on the season up to this point, and some of the things he feels need to be corrected to help the team win out.
"It feels good to be where we are at right now," said Aplin. "We do need to correct a few things though. The main thing is putting together a complete game. We have played complete quarters and complete halves, but we haven't put together a complete game yet this year. That is our goal this week; put together a complete 60 minutes against a good team."
Despite Florida Atlantic having a win-less season up to this point this year, Aplin says the team is focusing on them as if they were an undefeated team.
"Their win-loss ratio does not show how good of a team they really are," said Alin. "They are a very physical team from their defensive line, to linebackers, to their secondary. My offensive line knows they are going to have to be very physical this week in order to help us move the football. They have a lot of athletes on both sides of the ball, and we are going to have to be ready for that."
Earlier in the week, we touched on the fact that none of the coaches are focused on the fact that the team is bowl eligible, and could win the Sun Belt Championship with a win over Louisiana-Lafayette next week. Aplin stated that the team feels the same way.
"Coach Freeze has stressed to us that we better worry about the game at hand," said Aplin. "We are not looking ahead to anyone. We are worried about this week, the next play, and the game at hand. We are going to come out and play this week the way we would any week. The Sun Belt Conference is getting better and better each year, and a lot of teams are even despite their records. Anyone can win any game, so we have to focus on the task at hand. We just have to go down the Florida Atlantic, and get back on the plane with a victory. We are going down on a business trip, and that is all we are going for."
Earlier in the week, Florida Atlantic linebacker David Hinds made a comment about Aplin, and he has read the statement.
"We have a plan to contain him. Every time he runs we are going to try and knock him out and make him not want to run." said Hinds.
Aplin gave his thoughts on the comment.
"That is one of his plans, but mine is to go out there and take care of business," said Aplin. "I don't have much to say about it other than I'm going to go out and take care of business. I just plan to take it to him and get the win. We just want to go out and take care of the task at hand, keep from having any turnovers, and play physical."
Alplin is from Florida originally, and he looks to have several friends and family at the game to watch him, but he says that he will play as he would play each game.
"I will have a lot of friends and family there, but its not going to give me any extra motivation or anything like that," said Aplin. "I'm going to go in knowing that we have to take care of business and get the victory if we want to win the Sun Belt Championship."
He also spoke about the change in mindset that the team has this year in regards to playing and winning on the road.
"Coach Freeze has preached that to us all year," said Aplin. "We are just going to create our own atmosphere. We will block out their fans and student section, and just take care of business, and get back on the plane with a victory."
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